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Dykens – April 14, 2021

April 14 @ 7:30 am - 5:00 pm


State guidelines require that all students in grades 3-10 participate in standardized testing each school year. This year we will be using a new assessment called the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress – MAP Growth. It will be administered to all students online using a computer; desktop, laptop or tablet ONLY.

Wednesday, April 14th – Friday, April 16th, morning classes will not be held in order for students to take the standardized testing. Regular classes will resume at 12:00 pm.

Beginning at 8:45 am, all students in school will be taking their standardized test.



Beginning at 10:45 am, students at home will take their standardized test.

Instruction for students testing from home ONLY:

1.  First, log-in to the Zoom link (in blue) assigned to you (see lists below).
2.  Then, to access your test – click on the yellow and red testing link below.
3.  Enter the Testing Session Name assigned to you (see below) and your test proctor will provide the PIN to log-in to your test.

9H Zoom Link

10H Zoom Link


Testing Session Name 9H

Adams, Deshawn
Barbieux, Floyd
Binns, Raelyn
Dernier, Chloe
Lewis, Dylan
Lewis, Madison
Mondesir, Lakayla
Pringle, Ahkil
Richards, Bianca
Singh, Christian
Stone, Shannya
Toussaint, Vladimir

Testing Session Name 10H
Blackman, Winston
Burris Cameron, Imani
Curah, Kylah
Fernandez, Deazah
Johnson, Nylah
Kellem, Samuel
Merchant, Malachi
Rainer, Reco
Willie, Kyandre’
Ylteus, Bentley


Below is the schedule of Zoom classes that you need to attend on a daily basis.

Go to Dykens Zoom Class at the start time for your class.

There is also an extra help Zoom session available each day at Dykens Extra Help

You will enter the ‘waiting room’ and wait to be admitted in.

I can also be contacted by phone during the school day. If I am zooming with a class either leave a message or text me and I will get back to you. Please make sure you leave your name with the message. The number you can contact me at is : 754- 229- 0001



Physical Science

Email all completed work to: physicalscience@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 105 #1-3

We will read action and Reaction Pg 110-113


Homework:  Pg 110-113 Take notes



You will need to come and pick up a new packet

Email all completed work to:  science@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 235

We will read Pg 237-240

Attachment   SCIENCE APRIL 14th

Homework: Pg 240 #1-5, Copy definitions



Email all completed work to: biology@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 411 #1-4

We will read Pg 412-417

Homework:  Pg 412-417 Notes and make up 5 questions with answers


Social Studies               

Email all completed work to: socailstudies@flps.com

We will review discussion on Pg 227 #24-26

Read the pages 4-7

Attachment   SOCIAL STUDIES APRIL 14th

Homework:  Answer all questions on Pg 4-6 and Pg 7 Chapter check-up #1-6 and thinking and writing



Email all completed work to: health@flps.com

We will review 327#1-4

We will read Pg 328- 333

Attachment  HEALTH APRIL 14th

Homework: Pg 328 Define Vocabulary, Pg 333 #1-4


April 14
7:30 am - 5:00 pm
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