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Dykens Daily Assignment

May 4 @ 7:30 am - 5:00 pm


Below is the schedule of Zoom classes that you need to attend on a daily basis.

Go to Dykens Zoom Class at the start time for your class.

There is also an extra help Zoom session available each day at Dykens Extra Help

You will enter the ‘waiting room’ and wait to be admitted in.

I can also be contacted by phone during the school day. If I am zooming with a class either leave a message or text me and I will get back to you. Please make sure you leave your name with the message. The number you can contact me at is : 754- 229- 0001

Please come and pick up your packets for the next marking period for Science, Social Studies and Health

Physical Science

Email all completed work to: physicalscience@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 144 #1-3 and math skill builder

We will read Pg 146 Inuit clothing, Watch video on measuring thermal energy


Homework:Pg 147 Copy the summary into your notes and complete Reviewing vocabulary



You will need to come and pick up a new packet

Email all completed work to:  science@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Passwords Pg 61-62

We will read Elements of Weather Pg 219-221

Homework: Pg 219 Define Vocabulary, Pg 220-221 #5-8



Email all completed work to: biology@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 445 #1-5

We will read Pg 449- 450 #1-20

Homework: Pg 450 #21-24


Social Studies               

Email all completed work to: socailstudies@flps.com

We will review Pg 22-23 and worksheet

Read Earth’s resources Pg 126, answer question

Attachment  SOCIAL STUDIES MAY 4th

Homework:  Define the following: cartographer, equator, hemisphere, North Pole, prime meridian, South Pole

Do attached Pg 15 – list the continents for the Eastern and Western Hemisphere below on the lines



Email all completed work to: health@flps.com

We will review Pg 10  and 12

We will read Pg 13-16

Homework: Pg 16 check list and answer questions on Chelsea


May 4
7:30 am - 5:00 pm
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