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Dykens Daily Assignment

November 4 @ 7:30 am - 5:00 pm


Below is the schedule of Zoom classes that you need to attend on a daily basis.

Go to  Dykens Zoom Class at the start time for your class.

There are also three extra help Zoom sessions available each day.  Dykens Extra Help

You will enter the ‘waiting room’ and wait to be admitted in.

I can also be contacted by phone during the school day. If I am zooming with a class either leave a message or text me and I will get back to you. Please make sure you leave your name with the message. The number you can contact me at is : 754- 229- 0001

Daily Work Assignments


Physical Science

Email all completed work to: physicalscience@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Pg 136 Visual Summary and Pg 137 Lesson 5 Review

We will Read Page 140-141 Activity #5-6

Homework:   Read page 142-143 Activity #8



Email all completed work to:  science@flps.com

When we zoom we will review Connections Page 126 – 127 #1-16

We will read Page 129 – 131 D0 Little assessments on pages

Homework: Connections Page 132 #1-5



Email all completed work to: biology@flps.com

When we zoom we will review

We will review work on Chapter 4 Assessment pages, Study Guide 4.1 and 4.2

Homework: Review all work, recopy notes, put on index cards for Chapter 4 Test


Social Studies               

Email all completed work to: socailstudies@flps.com

We will review Page 106 Vocabulary

We will review and watch Brain Pop video on Civil War and Causes of Civil War

Homework:   Brain Pop Quizzes    Attachment     Mrs. Dykens Social Studies Nov. 4th

Make sure you have book 2 (it has 2 dots on the cover) ready for Monday



Email all completed work to: health@flps.com

We will work in the Mindfulness packet.

We will review Page 111What is your college plan?

Read Page 112  and continue reading “How Living with Baboons Prepared Me for Living Through High School”

Homework:  Answer:   Is this realistic that all your friends will go to the same college?

Complete Pg 112 bottom and page 113





MS English A/B We will read from the book Wild Side Read pages 23-24

Homework: Write a summary of the story, Do Pg 25 Main Idea


November 4
7:30 am - 5:00 pm
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