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Mr. Hodge’s Homework

September 19, 2023

Transitions English

English for the Working World Chapter 3  pages 44 Activity A



Enrichment English

Vocabulary  Workshop  pages 11-14

Be A Better Reader  Lesson 11

Study for Quiz on Chapters 6-12




General English

Be A Better Reader pages lesson 14 pages 58-59

Impact of pages 13

Short Stories  pages 140-142  Understanding  Stories  and in context



MS B English

Vocabulary Lit lesson 3-4

Be A Better Reader  Lesson 11-16



Basic English

Be A better Reader  pages 17-20



MS A English

Vocabulary Word Map for the following words

Be a Better Reader  lesson 14 pages 54

CHAPTER 12: The Invisible Man Loses His Temper
1. What do Mr. Hall and Teddy Henfrey hear?
2. What happens to Huxter? What happens to Hall?
3. What does Mr. Cuss tell people? What fact does Cuss quickly catch on to?
4. What does the narrator say is “perhaps” the Invisible Man’s intentions?
5. What are the Invisible Man’s actions before disappearing from Iping?
6. What is learned at the end of this chapter about Iping and the Invisible Man?


September 19, 2023
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